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How to navigate high prices on the road

High prices continue to be a concern for many Americans, especially when it comes to driving and automotive decisions. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans say that current gas prices — which tend to rise even higher during the summer months — have a major-to-moderate impact on their daily driving habits, according to Hankook Tire’s latest Gauge Index survey. But what can be done about it? While Hankook found that half (49%) of Americans have driven less in the last 30 days due to inflation, that’s not always realistic. Here are a few ways to help ease the effect of high prices, not just on our wallets, but also on our odometers: 1. Find alternate routes. Some Americans are turning to alternate modes of getting around, such as public transportation. However, the Gauge found that while younger drivers are more inclined to do so (19% of Gen Z and 17% of Millennials have taken public transportation to offset higher prices), older generations are less likely (7% of Gen X and 2% of Boomers).… READ MORE

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